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Erik Hokansson, USA


Lives and works in New York City.

The most common, stable, and reliable states of the universe are the qualities of darkness and cold. 
We live in a very unusual condition of relative warmth and light. 
  We are living here (earth) -humans, spiders, grass, fish, carrots, bacteria, mice, viruses. We are all related. We need to eat each other. It's the price of peace, beauty, security, humor, love, and hope. Our bodies, like those of all other organisms here, are communities of cells working together essentially for their own preservation. 
We will all become food for something someday. The sun will make our place food for itself someday. I don't know what will eat the sun. Then it will likely become cold and dark.
I take comfort in this. I like natural states.

Erik Hokansson

Erik Hokansson. Grace Exhibition Space. 2009