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 Live Action New York 09
 Eric Andersen, Denmark
 Stein Henningsen, Norway
 Icelandic Love Corporation
 Kurt Johannessen, Norway
 Pekka Kainulainen, Finland
 Jane Jin Kaisen, Denmark
 Agnes Nedregard, Norway
 Irma Optimist, Finland
 Mimosa Pale, Finland
 Joakim Stampe, Sweden
 Hans T. Sternudd, Sweden
 Roi Vaara, Finland
 Elin Wikström, Sweden
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Jane Jin Kaisen

Born 1980, lives and works in Los Angeles and Copenhagen.

 Jane Jin Kaisen is a visual artist working with film, video, performance, text, and photography. She is educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program in New York.

Jane Jin’s work deals with questions concerning memory, subjectivity, and political agency. Her work explores how history and memory is negotiated through the relationship between knowledge, desire, and power and between subjectivity, representation, and privilege. From a postcolonial and feminist perspective, her work is deeply invested in how language, ritual, gestures, and symbols may work as tools and metaphors in understanding amnesia, trauma, and agency.

Jane Jin has performed at festivals in Denmark, The Faeroe Islands, South Korea, Indonesia (National Gallery 2005-6), China (7th Open Art Festival og 4th DaDao Live Art Festival, 798 Factory, Beijing), and Hong Kong Fringe Festival. She is initiator of the ongoing performance project “24 hours” which has taken place in a number of countries.

Please visit Jane Jin Kaisens website.

Jane Jin Kaisen. Transmigration. Indonesia International Performance Art Event. Jakarta National Gallery. Indonesia. 2006.