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Born in 1966, lives and works in New York

Jill McDermid’s work consists of creating spaces, each installation is equipped with sound, projections, and monitors of performance. Moving a piece to a story unfolds slowly. Her plays are more or less autobiographical and always play in the sphere of pathos and fun.

After studying at the University of Iowa in 1999/2000, she obtained a master's degree in Intermedia and Video Art.

« I create an installation environment, within which I make a performance. Then, I lead the audience from one environment to another, making performance in each space, which create a full story at the end. 

My performance are always autobiographical, but not in an obvious sense. That ltr stories unfold from my emotions, in a way That I can hope sponds to other people. 

Lately, I Have been performing outside of the United States, and I occasionally create a political performance. The reaction, again and again, Is that is the hearing surprised to see an American making such a political statement, but not only that -  a Woman making political work. 

my work ranges from simple peeling apple with onion hidden inside as a metaphor for my life, seeing my experiences in my mind as I peel in reverse to the core - and elaborate: that facility uses many media, from film to Super 8 video projections, sound and smells affects. »

McDermid Jill also runs two New York gallery, Grace Exhibition Space and Alice Chilton Gallery in Brooklyn, as an extension of her artistic activity.