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Johanna Householder, Canada


Lives and works in Toronto.

Johanna Householder is Chair, Criticism and Curatorial Practice at the Ontario College of Art & Design. She has been making performances and other artwork in Canada since the late 70s. She was a member of the notorious satirical feminist performance ensemble The Clichettes, who performed across Canada and the US under variable circumstances throughout the 1980s. While The Clichettes practiced their own brand of pop culture detournment, Householder has maintained a unique performance practice, often collaborating with other artists.

As one of the founders of the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, held biannually in Toronto, she has brought many international artists to the festival. She is keenly interested in histories of performance and the body, reperformance, and the effect that performance has had in contemporary art and new media. Her most recent works include In a Drunken Stupor, a series of performances based on a 1981 performance/text by Clive Robertson, presented in Chile in 2005, and Portrait of a Situation, which toured East Europe in June 2006 and Finland in 2007. Approximations 1-3, video works produced in collaboration with b.h. Yael, have screened in a number of international venues.
 Householder was recently participating in Live Action Göteborg and will perform at Guangzhou Live in December.

Johanna Householder (with Angelo Pedari). Performance Festival. Interakcje 2009. Bielsko-Biala. Poland.