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 Kjetil SKOEIEN, Oslo
 Tomasz SZRAMA, Helsinki

Kjetil SKOEIEN, Norway


Born 1952, lives and works in Oslo.

Kjetil Skoeien is a visual artist working with performance, video, photo, but he also has a back ground from independent theatre and dance, he is also writing books and scripts for film.  His background as a dancer/actor and visual artist is shown in his strict control of the body in relation to the objects and images in the performance STILL LIFE.

Still Life
Kjetil Skoeien enters the space with objects, he shows them, places them on his body, combines them in different ways, creates moving installations.  At the same time a video is running, showing obects that move by themselves on the top of a table.  The actions and images on stage relates to the video in a visual and rhythmical way.
The body becomes an image and a part of ever changing images, still lives.

Kjetil Skoeien. Still Life 6.