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Live Action New York 10

We are pleased to present the second edition of Live Action New York from November 3 to 7, showcasing not only Scandinavian action artists but also artists from North America.

The fact that LANY on the one hand has become an annual event, and on the other has developed into a Scandinavian – North American showcase has its significance. That LANY 10 presents an inter-generational mixture, of renowned and emergent artist is of course also of importance.

Live Action New York 10 will start at Grace Exhibition Space in Brooklyn on Wednesday November 3 as well as on Thursday November 4, at 8 pm..

It will then continue at Scandinavia House on Park Avenue on Friday Nov. 5 (7.30 pm.), Saturday November 6 (7 pm.) and end on Sunday 7 (2 pm.). Please see the program for more details.

We are convinced that it will be an intense, exciting, experimental and of course highly avant-garde event. The invited artists will surely give us all a one time experience.

Marilyn Arsem. Forgetting. Sofia de Grenade. 2009.