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Magnus Logi Kristinsson, Iceland


Born in 1975, lives and works in Espoo, Finland.

The work of Magnus Logi Kristinsson evolves around the notion of 'presence'. The precence of the 'things in this world', and not in the least: the presence of Magnus Logi Kristinsson himself. The act of 'list-reading', that he has refined trough years of thorough study, is focussed at rearticulating the obvious, mentioning the unnoticed, and proclaiming the already known. The performance-readings are done in such a way, that the lists of facts, things and relations serve as a podium for the one thing you will remember weeks after one of his 'list-reading': How Magnus Logi Kristinsson stood there, how he is engulfed by the things he mentions, how his stream of words surges forward, over the heads of the audience, out of the window, into the city and beyond it. Magnus declares the world is there! And maybe therefore it is...

Magnus Logi Kristinsson. Painting List Performance.