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Peter Dobill, USA


Born in New Zealand, Peter Dobill is a Brooklyn, NY based actionist who has exhibited and performed internationally. He is a recent recipient of the 2008-2009 Franklin Furnace Fund For Performance Art Grant and co-founded and curates the Maximum Perception Performance Festival in New York City.

"My work focuses on the body in actions. In these actions, mental and physical planes of existence are created, establishing autonomy in endurance, physical movement, and structure. With my body, I alter and construct my vessel of experience, intrinsically connecting and emptying myself to a singular moment and time. Within these moments, I can then seek to communicate, focusing on energy exchanged between the audience and myself.

My practice is two-fold; live public actions performed for an audience and private actions performed for the camera. Both practices operate in complimentary forces, with actions relating in physical, structural, and conceptual intensity.

It is through my practice of actions that I look to establish a new direction for performance practice, one that provides a maximum perception of the senses through the complete conception of live and video elements."       Peter Dobill

Peter Dobill. Blood breather. 2008.