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 Rita MARHAUG, Bergen
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 Tomasz SZRAMA, Helsinki

Rita Marhaug, Norway


Born 1965, lives and works in Bergen.

My approach to performance has from the very beginning been through the basic tools of the body, meaning little use of objects and other props. The everyday language of bodily behaviour and bodily normality is my basic source of inspiration to my work and the concrete body’s dimensions are often the theme in my actions.

What I would like the audience to reflect upon has hopefully also a wider range. The body being the raw material of my artistic investigation of for example femininity and masculinity in my earlier works, and now of my later interest: values and money matters.

I have used my experience from various sports as well as being a mother and a working artist for more then 20 years to develop individual pieces; to give them a specific and clear shape as well as grounding them in themes I find important to address.

Rita Marhaug. Norwegian Liquid. 2010. © V. Odin.